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New Jersey Fertility Clinics lists three infertility clinics located in New Jersey. These fertility clinics all have a board certified reproductive endocrinologist, infertility specialist on staff. Most of these infertility clinics can schedule appointments within two weeks. There are links to several of these infertility clinics' Web sites.

Eatontown, Livingston

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Reproductive Science Center of New Jersey -

234 Industrial Way West, Suite A104
Eatontown, NJ 07724

At the Reproductive Science Center of NJ, they offer comprehensive treatment to help couples overcome the unique challenges of infertility. From the first consultation with their nationally known fertility specialists, their staff of caring professionals creates a partnership with patients, encouraging them to become active, educated members of their fertility team. Together, they can map out a strategy and a treatment plan that best suits your needs and helps achieve the goal of a successful and healthy pregnancy.

At your first consultation they will tell you about the services available at the Reproductive Science Center. Then the work will begin. The first step is an infertility evaluation on both partners. These tests will establish the cause or causes of infertility, and will help determine which course of treatment will be best for you. Once the initial testing is complete and the causes of infertility have been determined, they will meet with you to discuss treatment options, their success rates, and all possible complications. The entire team will work closely with you to map out a strategy and treatment plan that best suits you needs, your values, your schedule, and your goals – and move you along the path to conceiving a child.

Reproductive Medicine Associates of New Jersey -

Meridian Center 1, 2 Industrial Way West
Eatontown, NJ 07724

They know that your first step toward infertility treatment can feel like a monumental leap. That's why RMANJ has assembled a compassionate, world-renowned team of specialists to guide you on your journey to parenthood.
Their state-of-the-art laboratory, imaging and surgical diagnostics assist us in pinpointing the best treatment method for you based on your individual medical and psychosocial needs. At RMANJ, they offer all the infertility treatments available today, including medications to induce ovulation; in vitro fertilization and other assisted reproductive technologies; egg, sperm, and embryo donations; laparoscopic and hysteroscopic surgical intervention; gestational carriers; pre-implantation genetic diagnosis; and complementary and alternative medicine options.
Their specialized e-learning modules allow patients to learn about infertility treatments in the privacy and comfort of their own homes. Their support services—including financial counseling, support groups and educational seminars— help couples understand and navigate insurance and other payment issues, learn coping strategies and share experiences with others who have similar concerns. For more than 20 years, their team has also conducted clinical research that has contributed to major advances in the field of reproductive medicine, including our 24-chromosome aneuploidy screening, which helps determine the risk of genetic abnormalities in IVF embryos. They are also recognized worldwide for our IVF blastocyst culture, which gives embryos extra time to grow and develop in our lab before they are transferred back into the patient. During the last 13 years, RMANJ's founding partners and staff physicians have helped bring approximately 20,000 babies to loving parents. You are not alone in this journey. Their team is available at all times to answer your questions and guide you through your treatment.


The Institute for Reproductive Medicine & Science at Saint Barnabas (IRMS) -

94 Old Short Hills Road
Livingston, NJ 07039

The Institute for Reproductive Medicine & Science at Saint Barnabas (IRMS) -is a world leader in treating infertility. For 10+ years, IRMS has represented the highest quality care, latest laboratory techniques, and most advanced treatments in assisting patients with conception. IRMS is led by Board Certified Physicians - Natalie Cekleniak MD, Serena Chen MD, Margaret Garrisi MD, and Laboratory Director - John Garrisi PhD. IRMS has assembled all the on-site resources and expertise required to provide outstanding care to our patients - from basic infertility services to highly complex treatment alternatives such as IVF, ICSI, fragment removal, PGD, ovum donation, and minimally invasive surgery. The skill of our team produces superior outcomes even though many of our patients have failed treatments elsewhere in the world. In 2006, patients from 15 countries and 30 states traveled here because of our reputation for cutting edge technology and research with attentive, individualized care. IRMS is conveniently located near major highways in New Jersey and is only 15 miles from New York City. Our ADDRESS: 94 Old Short Hills Road, Livingston, New Jersey 07039.

Our TOLL-FREE NUMBER: 1-877-456-4IVF. Visit our "MESSAGE BOARD" at www.SBIVF.COM to directly access our MDs on-line.



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