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Fertility specialist selection should be no different than any other sub specialty such as neurosurgery or cardiology. These specialties evolved because of the complexity of the conditions being treated, the vast amount of medical literature, and the need for extensive advanced medical, surgical, and clinical training.

Fertility specialists receive referrals from OB/GYNs while many patients "self refer". Some OBs prescribe medications, such as Clomid, but rarely proceed with more advanced treatments. Fertility specialists are trained to administer more complex therapies such as ovulation induction with FSH.

Fertility specialists administer the most appropriate treatments early in the course of therapy. Studies indicate that treatment by a fertility specialist is more cost effective and more likely to result in pregnancy. There is no substitute for the training and experience offered by a reproductive endocrinologist.

Fertility specialists must complete an accredited residency training program in Obstetrics and Gynecology and pass board certification. To become board certified in reproductive endocrinology, fertility specialists must complete two additional years of advanced training in an approved University Fellowship Program and pass strict written and oral examinations.

Fertility specialist fellowships involve extensive clinical and research experience in the diagnosis and treatment of infertility. Fellows gain "hands on" experience under the tutelage of recognized thought leaders in the field. Training also includes experience in delicate reproductive microsurgical procedures. A research project must be completed and published.

Fertility specialist fellows are actively involved in the management of in vitro fertilization cycles and master the administration of FSH, cycle monitoring, retrieval, culture and transfer.

Injectable infertility medications must by tailored to each patient and should only be administered by fertility specialists thoroughly trained in their use.

A reproductive endocrinologist should perform surgery to correct reproductive disorders, such as endometriosis as many of these conditions can be treated during the diagnostic laparoscopy. This avoids the need for a second treatment laparoscopy.

There is an excellent discussion of the qualifications to be a board certified infertility specialist at the Reproductive Care Web site. links to many fertility clinics throughout the United States that have fellowship trained specialists on staff. Our site also contains many informative articles written by fertility specialists / reproductive endocrinologists . We encourage you to review the clinic listings and navigate to their sites where you will find additional information.






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